"At Pianos Wholesale we understand that every customer has a different need and budget. We strive to offer each buyer the best instrument for their dollar - always placing an emphasis that each piano should also be a good investment." --Ivan Tudor (founder)


Some of the new pianos we sell are:

"The Incredible Förster"

What more can be said about the world's finest piano?

Made in Lobau, Germany, the heritage and tradition of the Förster family continue to hand make in limited amounts annually, this long-sought piano of beauty and precision. Now owned by the family's fourth generation Förster, Wolfgang - with the fifth along side and the sixth soon of age, the piano is still crafted by skilled hands and traditionally experienced methods.

The name August Förster stands for quality and individuality. Every single part is furnished with love to the detail. The parts, with the belly and case are assembled to create a unique and individual piece of art. The tone as well as the design is superior to assembly line production.

Each August Förster instrument consists of more than 12,000 parts combined by skilled craftsmen into a masterpiece of the highest precision. It takes thousands of steps, secrets learned over generations and many months to build an instrument of such an outstanding style and quality.

The warm, mellow sound is characteristic for Förster instruments. The perfect volume of the sound is the result of profound experience, continuous development and improvement over a period of more than 140 years. Specifically, the carefully crafted soundboard is unique for August Förster instruments.

Each instrument is an individually crafted piece of art reflecting the skills of our craftsmen. The player will appreciate the outstanding intonation, when he or she performs on stage or just for his or her own enjoyment.

The history of BOHEMIA piano began as early as 1871 in Jihlava, where J. Belohlávek founded a small workshop and with it a tradition of manufacturing acoustic pianos. In 1924, J. Breitner acquired the workshop, which was subsequently extended under the auspices of the Viennese firm "Hofmann & Czerny". In 1948, manufacturing was nationalized. However, in 1993, the "Bohemia Piano, s.r.o." company was founded with the object of producing acoustic and grand pianos and shortly afterwards purchased the state manufacturer.
Thanks to the Czech designer M. Tauchman, in an exceptionally short time a new range of models of upright and four grand pianos was developed. The instruments are exported worldwide and thanks to the superior materials used stands up to the climatic extremes of Canada as well as the tropics of Asia. The company has a team of top quality experts, and by educating the younger generation guarantees the continued success of the tradition founded in 1871.


Hugh Hardman established the Hardman Piano Company in New York City in 1842. The Hardman family principally controlled manufacturing until 1890 when Leopold Peck became a partner in the business. The company was renamed Hardman, Peck & Company and continued to build quality pianos to meet the demands of every player

Today Hardman, Peck, & Company pianos offer an outstanding value in their complete line of console, studio, professional upright and grand pianos; all which are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Hardman, Peck & Company pianos are crafted from choice hardwoods and wood veneers. The piano cabinets are sprayed with multiple coats of polyester resin to ensure beauty and durability. Hardman, Peck & Company grand pianos have a European style action, allowing the player the maximum playing response. The full, rich tone of this piano defines its status as a world-class instrument. Employing European scale designs, Hardman, Peck & Company offers these high quality instruments at an incomparably, affordable price.



The modern piano player system that revolutionized the industry, Pianos Wholesale is an authorized dealer and installer. The system is always advancing, offering the piano owner more ways to enjoy music.

Please visit the PianoDisc site directly, as new options are always becoming available, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the world's finest player piano system.